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Team Effort With Your Realtor Will Make Your Home Purchase Easier And Pleasant 
The Following Are A Few Helpful Suggestions:
  1. Pick ONE Real Estate Agent and stay with Him/Her. Nothing 

  2. inspires a professional to seek and find the home of YOUR choice 
    more than knowing you are relying on him/her completely .
  3. Choose an agent carefully. Make sure she/he is a Realtor, a 

  4. full-time Associate Broker, professionally trained to service your needs.
  5. Be sure the Realtor's firm belongs to the Multiple Listing 

  6. Service (MLS). This way He/She can show you any home listed in the 
    area, including those exclusively listed by another agency. You do 
    not have to contact each office to see different listings. If you 
    see a house advertised that's listed with another firm, ask your 
    Realtor to arrange a showing
  7. Once You Have Committed Your Loyalty To Your Realtor, There Are 

  8. Ways You Can Help.
A.   A frank approach to your needs and price range is crucial. 
Overestimating your ability to pay can leave you unqualified for 
mortgage monies; Underestimating your price range can eliminate 
that "perfect home" from the portfolio of houses the agent selects 
to show you, based on information you supplied. Answer personal 
financial and credit questions that he or she asks honestly - 
remembering that all such information is kept confidential.
B.   If you wish to attend an Open House and your Realtor cannot attend 
be sure to have him/her contact the salesperson holding the Open 
House to let them know you are attending as his/her customer. 
Otherwise, if you decide to buy it, you may find you're obligated 
to work with the Open House host salesperson.
C.   If you see an ad in the paper or home guide which piques your 
curiosity, do call your Realtor and ask about it. Let your Realtor 
make the inquiry; a lot more information can be obtained from a 
fellow Realtor which will be helpful to you.
D.   While a Realtor is well-versed in the local real estate market, 
he/she should also be knowledgeable on such matters as financing, 
taxes, schools, community activities and the like. However, a 
Realtor is not an accountant, a lawyer, a mortgage officer,  
engineer,  or home inspector - be sure to consult with a professional on such matters.



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